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So how can you as an organization ensure that
the digital customer journey truly matches your
customer’s needs?

Currently, like everyone else, we work mostly from home, and despite the government’s cautious easing of restrictions, that will remain the case for some time to come. Our clients, mostly large financial institutions, telco’s and utility companies, have all scaled up within 2 weeks. The whole home working paradigm has been completely (permanently?) turned on
its head. Once again, this shows that a lot can be done under pressure by making good use of the possibilities offered by digital technology. Imagine if this pandemic had taken place in the 1980s, the challenge would have been many times bigger!

Video conferencing, use of intranets and e-mail are all now available for internal collaboration. Between companies or with end customers, for example in a project or commercial project, the above means are perfectly adequate. But how do you ensure as an organization that your digital customer  journey really and permanently meets the needs of your customer? In other words, there is still a lot to gain in the area of transactional communication.

In this article we would like to
give you some concrete tips on how you can shape your digital transformation.

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Digital customer journey without friction

Another innovation session. Many ideas, directions and insights have been captured. The latest developments and technologies mapped out. ‘We’re going to do things differently. Better than the others. But how do you really surprise your prospect or customer? Without getting lost in the technical (im)possibilities? How do you go from concept to proof, so that they become visible to the customer? The answer can be simple: listen to your customer, start from your existing process and improve in small steps.

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CIO transforms into internal business partner

We can no longer ignore the digital transformation, nor the changing role of IT in that area.
IT must be the driving force behind the digital transformation. Not a barrier. The CIO’s role is less and less on the technical side. He too must transform. Into a full-fledged internal business partner. Moving along to keep up, that will be the strategy.  That sounds like a large-scale operation. But small steps can already produce major results. It’s a matter of making smart choices and working with the right specialists. You can prevent smaller digital players from entering your market.

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The customer now wants to be directly assisted, from all devices and through all communication channels. A consistent digital customer experience on every screen is the goal, but how can you achieve it? With our digital customer communication solution. Design, manage and analyse responsive messages from a single platform that look great on all screens and can be delivered across all channels. This way your customer experiences that personal approach and you can make highly targeted offers with a higher probability of conversion. Discover the possibilities of our smart interface and really get to know your customer.