All the benefits of live training combined with flexibility and efficiency. Gotten curious about how it works? We would be more than happy to explain it to you in a free innovation session.

Internal training is often behind the core processes, while knowledge is crucial for any company that wants to perform well. Of course, a training takes time, people have to travel, we know all the arguments – and they are all plausible.

And yet everyone during and after such a training is very enthusiastic: “Good to have seen each other again”. “Works inspiring, deepen such a subject”. This is exactly the secret of our Learning Management system: it manages to seamlessly combine the benefits of social learning with the daily rhythm of your organisation.


For 500 or hundreds of thousands of employees

The online learning system is suitable for scaling up and scaling out due to direct availability as a download. Suitable for all devices, so your employees learn where and when they want.


Seamless integration

The online learning system is both an approved APP for Office 365 and a JIVE Certified Solution. You will benefit from seamless integration into the digital workplace and social corporate networks.


Results instantly visible

The online learning system not only allows an employee to learn, but also makes immediate results visible from changes that have been committed. This allows new employees to perform direct executive tasks without the extra time.


Easy to create learning paths

Combine the learning paths with different types of content with access to experts and many users. Testing, reporting and game modules provide comprehensive and fun learning pathways for your employees.

Customer Case:

SammonsEnterprises, one of the largest private companies in the United States, wanted to IMPROVE their ROI by providing compliance training AND other HR features using the same core platform. A major constraint, however, was the need for a tool that could be managed efficiently by a team of one!

The interactive intranet of Sammons was already well established, but was primarily a means of communication. Since working with the learning management system, they have seen a significant increase in engagement statistics. So there is a clear relationship between offering learning paths and the higher involvement of the community.

It meets operational needs, while also addressing knowledge, development and knowledge management functions.

About Learning Management

“By using social learning or a Learning Management system, as an organisation, you can keep or increase the knowledge of your employees up to date. This not only improves business outcomes, but employees learn from each other and develop continuously. Where and when they want it. “

Philippe Van Nieuwenborgh, specialist Dialog Group

The new digital learning environment

Do you want to give your employees targeted training, but is there always a lack of time or location? Then a social learning environment is the solution. The Learning Management system allows you to quickly and easily manage, design and analyse training and teaching modules. Employees can choose themselves when they get started and then directly engage in discussion with each other about the content. They can also quickly and easily request help from experts and management.

Time, money, location and individual courses?

Learning while working is a desire of many companies. In fact, in the organisational literature, such a working environment is highly regarded. But the practice is still unruly, especially in large organizations where knowledge is often spread across different departments.

Internal trainings cost time and money and are pushed forward quickly. The internal trainings that are given are often separate modules that are not always logically linked to an employee. That is a pity, because knowledge and mutual contact are two important drivers for success.

From separate modules to clear learning path

To solve these arguments time, money and location once and for all, the Learning management system has been devised. This digital learning environment fits seamlessly into your active intranet environment, so your employees can follow modules and trainings whenever and wherever they want. In addition, you can design the trainings in a clear learning path, so that all modules connect well. No more confusion about the offered knowledge or the next steps, but a nicely mapped online path that is easy and quick to personalize for every employee.

Make social learning part of core process

What makes the learning Management system so special is the social aspect while learning. Employees can follow individual trainings, but also one-on-one with an expert or someone from the management. In addition, they can directly ask questions in the online environment to fellow students, but also to experts in the organization or many users. This way the training flows unnoticed in the daily work of your employees, which makes them much more involved in your organization. Social Learning makes learning fun again and contributes significantly to the growth goals of your company and your employees.


Do you want practical insights to get a clear picture on how to improve? Then a free innovation session is highly recommended. The starting point is your objectives and business issues. Sign up now and we will contact you soon to schedule this session.


A well-equipped learning management system instantly delivers clearly measurable results. Not only does the principle of ‘ social learning ‘ play an important role in the fast-working of new employees, the productivity and ultimate ROI of your company can also be increased. Curious about how this work?


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