In customer contacts, a fantastic customer experience ensures satisfied customers. Personal Interactive video gives you that option. We also call it smart video.

In the battle for attracting and retaining customers, companies must get everything out of the closet. Customers are not waiting for all those annoying e-mails from companies, traditional marketing and communication no longer works. Your customer expects nothing less than understandable communication, being able to make your own choices and personal and up-to-date information. Companies that have their integrated digital customer journey in order, are making good progress. You can make the difference with personal interactive video.

Intermediaries who use interactive video increase their sales by 44% compared to their competitors who do not use it


Persuade a prospect with personal interactive video

A modern customer experience means that you do everything in your power to make it as easy as possible for customers to communicate with you. Personal Interactive video allows you to offer your prospects an intelligent and hassle-free digital customer journey. In a smart video you can offer a complete quotation and purchase process as a self-service in a distinctive way. With personalized offers. This ensures more involvement and increases the chance that you attract new customers and grow your business.

Whitepaper: Learn more about optimal customer experience as a key component

Get the attention. Encourage action. And get real results. Evolve your customer experience to the here and now with videos that can respond to real-time customer data. Learn more about the optimal customer experience as a key component to stay ahead of the competition and how you can win the trust of your customers through an interactive personal approach.


Greet your new customer with a personalized video

“You only get one chance to make a first impression.” And how can you do this better than with a personalized interactive video? And also real-time. Because that is the convenience of smart video. With an activation or explanation video tailored to the customer you can transfer a lot of information in a compact and efficient way and let him make self-service choices, for example. And with success because customers experience ease of use and are more satisfied, the figures show. In addition, you also relieve your call center: more convenience for your customer and less costs for yourself.


Met onze cloudbased videotechnologie van een tevreden klant een ambassadeur maken

Met een veranderende klantbeleving – ‘ik wil of eigenlijk ik eis de best mogelijke service’ – is de klant koning. Een optimale klantervaring is daarom cruciaal. Cloudbased videotechnologie, 24/7 en overal beschikbaar, veilig en GDPR proof, helpt om van tevreden klanten ware ambassadeurs voor jouw bedrijf te maken. De klant wordt beter geïnformeerd, zit zelf aan het stuur en neemt bewezen meer gerelateerd producten en diensten bij je af. Je NPS gaat omhoog en je Customer Effort Score omlaag. Gegarandeerd.


It is quite difficult to get a clear picture of the benefits of interactive video for all parties involved (internal and external). After all, you are dealing with prospects and customers, your sales or campaign team, your IT department … The good news is that we believe that we can make all these parties happy. Because of less hassle, efficiency and especially speed.


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