Offer customers a personal customer experience with responsive videos that adapt to customer needs.  Curious how it works? We are happy to explain it in a free innovation session.

With traditional marketing and communication, organizations are increasingly difficult to reach their goal. E-mails are rarely read and sudden telephone calls are often experienced negatively. Reaching customers is therefore becoming increasingly challenging. Especially if you also need input from your customer. Interactive personalized videos can make the difference.

The addition of interactive elements and links to data sources, online videos are completely tailored to customer needs. Very personal! Your interactive video is very dynamic and can also be easily shared on all possible channels, from QR code in a letter to push messages in an app. That is efficient!


Customer gets control

In an interactive video, viewers determine what they want to see or click on. In this way, customers are in control.


Personalized offer

With the use of forms in an interactive video, completed data is used real-time to present customized offers.


Low costs, high service

Personal explanation in an interactive video guides clients through digital registration processes. This prevents many questions and high costs for your customer service.


Efficient and simple

Create reusable templates by editing video content with personalization options and interaction options. Efficient and easy.

Customer case: Vivat

Vivat went to great lengths to approach clients with an expiring annuity with options for renewal or alternative Vivat products. All this did not have the intended result. With our experts and solution a personal video was made that is offered on the website and via QR codes on letters and links in digital communication. Thanks to the personalized content, such as the current value of the policy and the end date, customers understood better what was expected of them and reacted faster.

About Interactive, personalized video

“Interactive, personalized video is based on real-time customer data. This enables in-depth personalization that makes customers feel valued. The video is generated based on available personal data, so that the information is always relevant to the recipient. This makes every interaction unique. “

Remco Smink , specialist Dialog Groep

Video that responds to customer needs

The interactive video gives you the opportunity to create a fantastic customer experience. Personalized videos that respond to customer needs and adjust in real time to create unique customer experiences. Fully automatic, without feeling automatically.

The more personal, the more fun!

Are you working for a bank, energy company, insurer, telco or another large organization? Then you probably recognize it: due to the large number of customers, a personal customer experience is often difficult to realize. Especially in the digital world. You couldn’t do much about it. But from now on!

With an interactive video, your customers are no longer a number, but they are even more happy to contact your organization. With the video module you can address customers personally , which increases customer recognition and appreciation. The video can then offer various options, so that you can optimally meet customer needs. The ideal way to get customers enthusiastic about your organization and to bind them to you for a longer period of time.

Nothing is too crazy

The possibilities of that innovative video are endless. For example, how about adding input fields to the video or integrating call-to-action buttons? Or even better: explaining all the services you provide? Of course with the aim that (potential) customers take immediate action themselves. Because customers receive better digital support, you can work much more efficiently and achieve better results. A company that preceded you, for example, saw its customer reach increase by 55%! With the use of forms or appointment buttons in a video, video becomes an interactive and personal experience.

Simple and secure integration

Of course, innovations are a wonderful way to distinguish your organization from the competition. But new technology must be safe. Fortunately, that’s no problem. By integrating video technology in-house with existing systems, we can meet all data protection and processing requirements.


Do you want practical tools to get a clear picture of how that improvement can be achieved? Then a non-binding innovation session is highly recommended. The starting point is your objectives and business issues. Register now and we will contact you shortly to plan this session.


Do you want practical insights to get a clear picture on how to improve? Then a free innovation session is highly recommended. The starting point is your objectives and business issues. Sign up now and we will contact you soon to schedule this session.


Then read on to experience how you can respond to the needs of your stakeholders with interactive, personalized video. Your customers, relations or employees want to be recognized and recognized on all communication channels. Read how interactive video contributes to higher customer engagement and a higher NPS score.


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Interview Hen Snackers

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