Make forms the starting point of automated digital customer interactions.

Familiar with the phrase “send from pillar to post?” Unfortunately, customers are all too often involved. Often forms are self-contained documents and therefore very error prone, slow and they sometimes disappear. This unnecessarily costs a lot of time and money, but also causes a lot of irritation for both the customer and the employee. That should be different!

With our intelligent forms, you transform a simple form into the starting point of a digital customer journey. Customer information is stored in real time, thus reducing lead time and providing faster customer service. Do not miss out on renewing processes that gather and process information from your customers while at the same time improving the customer experience.


End-to-end digital

Prevent broken processes for your customers by linking to all the necessary back office systems. From days to minutes lead time. And compliant.


Short development Time

Quickly and easily create responsive forms with a drag-and-drop tool in your browser. For digital and mobile use. Java knowledge is not required!


Quickly adaptable

Gain insight into the moments when customers leave the forms and adjust the questions instantaneously for increased customer interaction. Lower your downtime.

Customer Friendly

Discover the capabilities of next-gen forms that prevent irrelevant questions, reuse data, and offer a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Customer Case:

An infamous bank provides customers insight into possible savings on fixed costs through “De Bespaarexpert”. All advisors now work with an application that introduces possible savings in 15 categories in conversations with customers. With the help of a reference table, a saving potential is calculated in real time, an advisory report delivered to the customer through email during the interview in the bank’s archive.

About Intelligent Forms

“It’s unbelievable how easy it is to build smart forms that can automate your processes. By making the form adaptive, relevance also increases. This increases quality and reduces lead times.

Icing on the cake is that the data can be followed from beginning to end, so improving the process becomes even easier. “

Michaël Mimoso, specialist Dialog Group

Say goodbye to the editable pdf

The form of the future is no longer a form at all, but the starting point of a digital process for processing information. Improve customer experience by quickly handling and processing data from all devices, at any place and at any time.

Intelligent forms in large organisations

The more informations you need from your customers, the better we like it. Our relationships and experience in telecommunications- , insurance- , energy-, and banking sectors will help us. Because when it comes to forms, we can do it all: forms to apply for, to report damage, to make a declaration and to report changes.

Speed is standard

Continuing to use conventional forms, such as paper and PDF, is no longer an option. Lead times are (too) long, there is no digital signing and there is no link with data, which leads to duplicates or irrelevant questions. We can go on and on about it. In a world where ‘ fast ‘ is the standard, the step towards a digital process (because that’s what an intelligent form actually is), also offers great benefits. First of all for your customers, who save a lot of time and get faster results. And for yourself, the laborious and time-consuming process is made more efficient and comes with a considerably smaller chance of error.

Automated digital process

There is a good chance that your organisation will also face internal challenges with form processes. Think about the problems with data quality, extensive compliance checks, incomplete forms and manual processes. The long lead times, errors and disrupted processes result in late responses to customers, disengaged employees and therefore loss of revenue.

Touchpoints and customer journey

The real revenue is of course in the marketing and sales funnel. In the daily battle for attention of your customers and prospects, you want their customer journeys to run optimally. Every touch Every touchpointmust be right. Well-balanced smart forms will optimize the customer journey .


Do you want practical insights on how that improvement can be achieved? Then a free innovation session is highly recommended. The starting point is your objectives and business issues. Sign up now and we will contact you soon to schedule this session.


Then learn more about how you can use our solutions to anticipate customer questions directly. By using next-gen forms, it is very easy to make customers and prospects happy by offering real-time and on-demand requests, quotations, proposals, contracts and agreements.


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