Improve internal communication between branches

Maybe it happened to your organization: Your creative team invented and worked out an insane concept in a few weeks, but then gets marketing to hear that this is totally out of line with the marketing strategy. Frustrating and especially very sin. The problem? The parties involved do not communicate well with each other. Therefore: 8 tips to improve internal communication between departments.

1. One video is the other not

At the moment, video content is very popular. Several blogs and vlogs with tips come over daily. Also, there are many different technologies available to make a video. It is often about making a ‘ regular ‘ linear video. Another step further is the interactive video. It allows you to add additional information, or follow a storyline with a few clicks. However, these types of videos have nothing to do with digital transformation and customer approach. They deliver a slightly better customer experience, but have not been transformed, at most, at most.

2. Keep each other involved

Schedule a team check-up regularly for anyone involved in a particular project or topic. It does not matter whether it concerns long-term or short-term projects. Put them in the calendars and make them a priority to not shift them. Discuss the progress and the action points. These meetings are also a nice moment to express feedback and compliments to each other.

3. Talk to people individually

Regular talking with employees is enormously important. Talk to them every few weeks or months and ask about their opinion about the project, their tasks and about the organization in general. Employees like to be heard and often they have good insider information that will benefit your project. In addition to internal communication, this improves the involvement of your employees.

4. Make documents and knowledge easily accessible

There is a lot of information available in an organization. Often too much. According to research This does not so much lead to information overload, but too short of knowledge. This is ironically not caused by the absence of knowledge, but by the amount and inaccessibility of it. Therefore, make it possible for your employees to be able to use each other’s documents. A good social intranet platform lends itself very well to this. You can protect confidential documents in groups or per person, but the rest can be held public. Also handy is that with such a social intranet you can easily look up other employees and their skills. Easy if you want to build a team based on skills, or just need someone’s number.

5. Encourage people to create content

Creating content for blogs and websites can have a positive effect on your organization both internally and externally. By encouraging your employees to create good content, you allow them to add a piece of their own personality to the organization. In addition, others can “liken” their posts and comment – Another effective tool to promote a productive discussion.

6. Resolve Conflicts

Even though there are only two people involved in a disagreement, their dispute affects all processes within the company and can interrupt the entire workflow. Help to solve these conflicts and invest in things like team-building. If the team is disrupted, you can also hire professionals to get things back on track. But do not make the mistake of being overblowing. Persistent conflicts are best tackled as soon as possible, before you can notice the bottom of the line. Nothing is so bad for your internal communication (and organization) as people who do not Want Work together.

7. Create an open workspace

Your marketigcolleague will be less inclined to throw sentence on the fence at IT, when they regularly Meet personally. Therefore, do your best to promote an open workspace. Try to work as small as possible in booths or leave the door open regularly. You may be inclined to think that employees who are chatting the coffee machine cost you money, but give them the space to get to know each other better. That is not a meeting.

8. Make use of a good collaborative environment

Beyond the fact that a Social Intranet You help to do business, it also helps to improve your internal communication between departments. Profiles of employees and chat options make it easy to speak to each other. In addition, they can easily collaborate on projects, documents and presentations, or share best practices with each other. An intranet is According to this research on knowledge management The medium to communicate internally and share knowledge. It’s nice if you have a good office integration and an integral search function.


Getting all noses on the same side will never be easy. Keep in mind that in order to improve internal communication between departments, it is best to apply a mix of the above tips. Feel free to Contact For even more tips or experiences.

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