How my new mailbox stayed empty and why that's not bad

Conversations are held In every organization. There are discussions, knowledge is shared and there is cooperation. In the ideal organization, everyone has the knowledge to perform his or her function as well as possible. With of course as a result happy and enthusiastic colleagues who are happy to work to realise the business objectives.

To make this possible you will receive a computer and a mobile as an employee. You also get access to a mailbox. And that is where the misery often begins. Because:

  • Your mailbox is automatically a ‘ to do box ‘ for others. You receive messages that are actually tasks to perform.
  • Your mailbox is also your memory and archive. “Oh That’s important, I have to keep it.” Not to be able to find it afterwards.
  • Your mailbox is never empty. Army then when you started he never becomes.
  • Your mailbox and you: You cannot do without, but also with each other.


Recognizable? The messages in your mailbox result in an information overload and make us less involved with colleagues or projects. We receive by e-mail a question, answers to it and thus the matter is finished. That this answer takes care of the other for new tasks via the mailbox of the other we forget for the convenience. In addition, e-mail is the number one attention-strekker. And that will result: not only during working hours, but certainly also outside it.

In the video below you will see what e-mail triggers within an organisation:

When you work in this way like in the video, you waste time and knowledge of yourself and your colleagues. Fortunately, that may be different. You can earn this back by working transparently and jointly on projects.

My empty mailbox

Last month I started (Martijn Rijk) at Engage Dialog. I started with a login for the Microsoft Office Environment and an account for Jive. My mailbox has since been changed from internal emails. Thanks to the Intranet Solution From Jive I use my mailbox only for communication with prospects and customers.

All other information can be found on Jive. This is the intranet platform that Dialog group uses for all its employees. Our intranet is the starting point when you want to know something. You are looking for your question and will receive the best matching answer. If your question has not been asked before, then you can ask a colleague to get a response.

The intranet is the place where we prepare appointments and events, conduct discussions, develop customer questions and quotations, collaborate on documents (in Microsoft Office and SharePoint). In short: Our Intranet is the collective brain of our company. If it is not found on the intranet, it does not exist. Or there hasn’t been anyone with that question:-).


The advantage of our way of working?

I don’t spend time figuring out who has the right answer to my question. My workday no longer starts replying to mails to start working. I am starting faster and take information to me when it is relevant to me.

The main advantage I find above all is that we work together and we all have relevant information. This way we can work with our customers every day with pleasure.

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