Reach your goals faster by collaborating smarter, always and everywhere.

Employees are a crucial factor

Committed employees are one of the most important success factors for a company. But how can you get the best out of your employees and ensure that they become and remain engaged? The answer is not easy. It is about optimally facilitating sharing and finding knowledge and skills, but also behavior. Human capital is becoming scarcer, the ways of working are changing and digitization is only increasing complexity.

Our smart solutions give you the tools to link knowledge, information and processes directly to the right people and thus optimize the interaction between employees.

Unlock knowledge, skills and strengthen your corporate culture

In addition to sharing information, haring knowledge and skills and being able to find it in context is really important for your success. Many companies suffer from “corporate amnesia” for a reason. What happens when a skilled employee leaves? Finding the right information and working together efficiently remains a challenge.

Many organizations nowadays purchase a “social intranet” to communicate with each other. But that is only a limited part of the story. Knowledge remains difficult to find. Skills are undiscoverable to others. Time is wasted on unnecessary searching and inefficient work. This has a disastrous impact on staff efficiency and engagement.

We do not believe in technology alone: for us adoption is crucial to form a truly successful community. The chosen solution should be more than a ‘ social ‘ platform. It must facilitate modern collaboration optimally by including all of the above elements. This looks like this in our vision:

Within large dispersed companies, you want to be able to reach the employees, find each other, collaborate efficiently, share knowledge and build a powerful corporate culture. Measurable at every level. Only then will you really use the power of your most expensive and most valuable asset: the employee!

People first, then processes and then technology

We believe in a professional, phased approach and have developed the maturity model above that we use as a guideline in working with our customers. The starting point is the identity of your company. Ultimately, we work towards an ecosystem that also facilitates cooperation with partners, customers and suppliers. This provides a transparent and powerful organization. We acknowledge 3 axes that we consider important to be truly successful, with technology being just one of them.

  1. People: We think from the perspective of user experience. How do we adjust things?
  2. Processes: Which processes can we improve, starting from use cases.
  3. Technology: a logical foundation, which must be solid and rich in functionality.

That is why we are happy to start a innovation session in which we, together with you and other stakeholders, look at the added value for the business and people. Only then do we discuss the technology and solutions. Only then will you know for sure whether you will make the right choices for the coming years.

Achieved results

If you take the right approach, setting up what we call an Enterprise Collaboration Platform will deliver a lot: knowledge and expertise are easy to find, projects run more smoothly, on-boarding employees is thorough and uniform, collaboration is smoother and faster, also with external parties. Your organization is participating again in the digital age.

The results that our customers have achieved:


Do you also get flooded with e-mails and meetings? Does anyone remember what the latest version of a document is? It may also be different. With our interactive intranet solution you never lose data, projects are completed faster and more efficiently and your employees work more productively. Break through those silos in your organization and connect employees internally, from manager to specialist and from HR to IT. Then break the silos externally by connecting your organization with customers and partners, where all people, information and tools come together in one place. Effective online collaboration is possible, and starts here.


Do you want to increase the level of knowledge of your employees, but is there always a lack of time, locations or experts to provide training? Then it’s time to make the switch to a digital learning hub where employees with learning paths can get started wherever and whenever it is convenient for them. By establishing a clear learning path, your staff will only follow all the essential training courses and modules. At the same time they can discuss with fellow students, experts and even management. Combine the benefits of social learning with independent learning and discover how our solutions make learning efficient and fun. Engaged employees for your organization are within reach.