How well are you able to reach your customers? Catch their eye with communication that is really focused on them. Gotten curious about how it works? We would be more than happy to explain it to you in a free innovation session.

Customers have more and more ways to communicate with your business. Preferably they arrange everything via mobile or jump from screen to screen while they are multitasking. Your message should therefore be accessible, engaging and highly consistent. And optimized so that the digital customer experience is the same on all screen types.

With our solution it is possible to design responsive messages from a single platform that are perfectly displayed on all devices and can be delivered in any communication channel. This way you reach your customer better and increase the chance of customer response.


Optimal Ease of Use

Make it easy for users. It is possible for everyone to create content that is optimized for each screen. Send relevant digital communications in the form of data-driven email, SMS and push notifications to app or web.


Smooth Workflows

Take advantage of the escalation workflow to determine escalation scenarios if a message is not delivered. No programming is required for this.


Valuable interactions

Engage each interaction. Convert any message into valuable interaction with the ability to enrich a simple message with clickable graphs and interactive, personalized videos.


Safety First

Safety is fundamental. Our solution features powerful authentication protocols to minimize clicks and provide protection against phishing attacks. Also, our solution for protocols to strengthen customer safety is through Inbox branding.

Customer Case:

After acquisitions, a Dutch provider of cable television, internet and mobile telephony wanted to have a future-proof infrastructure with omnichannel functionality. In addition to print, it is also possible to send messages and notifications to digital communication channels from one central platform. To SMS, email, web (my environments, portals), chat, app and social media. Possibly with references to personal, interactive communication pages that, for example, replace PDFs or emails. Communication is made much faster, more personal and understandable with a positive effect on the NPS AND CES scores.

About Digital Customer communications

“Our customers have different communication platforms. The amount of customer data available is huge. For me, it remains a huge challenge to support the customer in complex document issues in this digital transition. “

Wilfred Korporaal, specialist Dialog Group

Know your customer

How well do you really know your customers? You have different ways of communicating as a company. Each communication tool provides data, whether it is a payment or a chat conversation. But is all that data also well recorded in your systems? And can you use it in real-time so that your customers can make a personal offer? Watch the video and find out if you know ‘ your Jim ‘ as well as you think.

From customer transactions to customer interactions: the Omnichannel experience

Many large companies still think from the inside-out principle. What is the product we offer? What information do we need from the customer to provide a service or sell a service? What you should actually be wondering is how the customer looks at your business. What does my customer need at the moment? How can I help my customer? Step out of that cocoon and dare to look at your organization as a customer. From customer transactions, go to customer interactions. From ‘ inside-out ‘ to ‘ outside-in ‘!

Time to reach customers

Today, customers expect a personal, real-time omnichannel experience that fits seamlessly with their needs, regardless of the stage in which they interact with the company. Unfortunately, they often run against lengthy processes that give them the feeling of being a number in the database.

To deliver experiences that customers expect, you need the right digital engagement and skills. Offering the right message at the right time in the right place is harder than it seems. If you are able to discover people, places and needs online and engage in contextual interaction at times when customers need you, you will only really insist on your customers.

More than just a trigger in a system

In many organizations, outbound messages are sent to customers by automatic triggers in systems. This customer communication receives little attention while there are many opportunities to improve the customer experience.

In addition, within digital transformation programs are built completely new digital processes that completely ignore the, often, powerful ‘ engine ‘ that is already available. Are you going for new construction or do you renew this ‘ engine ‘ to an omnichannel platform that helps you improve customer interaction capabilities?


Do you want practical insights to get a clear picture on how to improve? Then a free innovation session is highly recommended. The starting point is your objectives and business issues. Sign up now and we will contact you soon to schedule this session.


Then learn more about how you can use our solutions to anticipate customer questions directly. By using next-gen forms, it is very easy to make customers and prospects happy by offering real-time and on-demand requests, quotations, proposals, contracts and agreements.


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