Delivering relevant communications is essential for any organization. This is possible with responsive digital customer communication.

Nowadays, companies have to bend in all sorts of curves to stand out. With a standard email you don’t get there for a long time. Be relevant and distinguish yourself with communication that matters, that is what matters. And that’s also on all screens, anytime, anywhere. That is anything but an easy task. Our responsive digital customer communications system makes it possible to achieve that goal and offer customers and prospects content optimized for each screen and on multiple channels such as SMS, Push, HTML5 email and web. Online, in your mail client or phone or even in-app.

More than 1 billion messages are sent monthly between customers and companies via Facebook Messenger. – Facebook


Enticing a prospect with responsive digital customer communication

When a prospect is brought in, timing is everything. Provide the right message at the right time and on the right medium. Whoever masters that trick is a bacon buyer. And with one design for multichannel shipping, it becomes very easy. Whether it’s emails, text messages, push notifications or personalized messaging for apps, our system allows any organization to access its prospects wherever, whenever, and in any way. On all devices and with the ability to instantly convert call-to-actions to a sequel.

Whitepaper: Data-driven insights for an immersive customer engagement

A market in which customer experience and perception are the ways to distinguish yourself. Read “Digital Transformation: Using data-driven insights for exceptional customer engagement” to find out what the best practices for digital transformation are. You’ll also find a roadmap, interviews and cases from research firm IDC, organisation consultancy Accenture and market leader in digital transformation Pitney Bowes.


Welcome your new customer with personalized digital customer communications

How nice is it if a prospect that wants to become a customer gets into a hot bath? With our system it is possible to optimise the customer experience within the same message per device. For example, you can add social channels, maps, and more. And customers can sign documents directly from their phone with their fingers. Completely safe of course.


Make a real connection at any point of contact with responsive data-driven communication

A customer should never take it for granted. That is what the customer loyalty is all about. Our system increases the engagement between you and your customers. How? By constantly monitoring the progress of the real-time dashboard, implementing improvements and finetuning campaigns. This way you instantly see which communication performs well and which can be improved. And what choices customers make when they make it and what device they use. With the information about the digital involvement of your customers, you are able to make a real connection during every contact moment and contribute to an optimal customer engagement. You can easily open your customer with one-click so that they don’t always have to use their password, digital signatures and the ability to arrange their own data for example. And if your customer does not respond to one channel, the solution switches to the next.


We understand very well that it can be difficult to clearly envision the benefits of modern chat technology in combination with customer contact. There are important stakeholders that are involved: your prospects and customers, your sales or campaign team, your IT department. We believe you can make everyone happy. The reason we think that is because of ease, speed, flexibility, but also insight in which questions need to be answered.


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