Data in video provides an A+ customer experience

In many conversations I experience enthusiasm, but also a certain cold-water fear about the use of interactive and personalized video when it comes to data. In my previous blog , I explained that these types of videos use real-time data and what this means for the digital transformation process. This has called for questions such as: ‘ Is my data correct enough? ‘ and ‘ Can we use that customer data? ‘ These questions are understandable and fortunately also quite easy to solve.

Where do you get the data from?

Due to the GDPR Compliancy, there is currently a lot of attention for the processing of customer data. It will map how data enter the organization, where they are used, and how secure they are stored. A perfect moment to also discuss the wish to better serve customers by making the best use of their data. To use this with a personalized video, I therefore recommend: ‘ Think Big, Start Small and Act Fast. ‘ There are usually already experiences with marketing videos, for which extracts from marketing databases and Excel files of customer data have been used. This works for first projects with personalized, interactive video excellent. By doing experiences, insights and opportunities are created to personalize the deeper or to use other source data.

“Think Big, Start Small and Act Fast”

Guaranteeing the quality

But what do you do if you are unsure about the quality of your data? Those dates that you know are correct, use your direction to that particular receiver. In A personalized video you can simply ask if this information is still correct. If not, it is updated by the recipient and automatically enters the organization’s system. What you want to avoid in any case is that you do wrong assumptions in the video you offer. However, if you give people the ability to customize their data, you don’t risk being more relevant.

In addition, the data that comes from an interactive, personalized video gives you an even more complete picture. Think of information like: Where has person X clicked on? How long has he looked? Has he gone further or cut off? It always gives you even more information about your customers, so you can enrich their profiles again.


Bypass outdated data

To achieve a 10 + customer experience, you want to exclude any risk of using outdated customer data. By making personalized, interactive video part of your infrastructure and linking it to the necessary data sources, you can get real-time data for each unique video. In fact, only after the recipient has started the personalized video will the corresponding customer data be retrieved and processed in the video. More topical can hardly be. In addition, while playing the video, there is a possibility to gather data from the recipient that will be used again at a later time in the video for further personalization. Think of click results from buttons or checkmarks, but also to fields that are filled out by the recipient in the video. For example, it is possible to compose subscriptions in a video and offer them later in the video. Or to propose changes based on consumption data.

“The latest can hardly be”

Dare to use Data

In conclusion: It is time to verify and start using your data, so that you can really help the customer. If the data is good, this definitely results in a positive user experience, but your data is not correct, then you get that hard back. If you have any doubts about the quality of the data, let the recipient make your own choices. That data will become reliable.

So don’t wait until the organization is ready, but send yourself to the digital transformation of your customer approach. You will find that much more has been arranged than you originally thought.

Do you know more? Here you can find Examples of interactive, personalized videos and applications.

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