In customer contact, a personal approach makes the real difference.
The use of contextual chat also makes it efficient.

From target group to satisfied customer: personal approach makes all the difference in the customer journey. At the same time, we know that 85% of all customer contacts will be automated in the near future. But that does not mean that the contact with all your customers in all phases of the journey has to be impersonal and “robotic”. At least not when you work with contextual chat: digital can still be personal.

52% of the millennials use social media to solve customer service problems. – Microsoft


Attract a prospect with an intelligent chat system

Reducing the costs for customer acquisition remains a challenge, because you have to serve all prospects personally. Right? The recent developments in chat technology, combined with the power of artificial intelligence, make it possible for robots to partly take over the work. Greet (potential) customers the moment they need it with our contextual chat and give them the information they are looking for quickly. Our chatbot technology improves the experience of your customers by streamlining service and involvement in real time; always and everywhere.

Whitepaper: Learn how chatbots are hoe chatbots are essential to your business strategy

Responding efficiently and purposefully to customer questions and taking action on their behalf can be a challenge, especially if the number of customers and customer requirements increase. Discover how the use of intelligent chatbots, especially when talking to thousands or millions of customers, becomes an indispensable part of your business strategy.


Welcome your new customer with a flexible chatbot

If a prospect shows serious interest in your organization, usually you already acquire information about him or her. If that prospect decides to become a customer, you can make a great impression through a smooth onboarding process. Intelligent chat technology is a helpful tool for this. Imagine guiding the customer by opening a new account, or sending a welcome kit. Whether this is via the corporate website, via Facebook or Apple Business Chat, all data is collected centrally, processed and directly handed over to the customer. If necessary, you can switch over to a live takeover of the conversation in no time!


With our smart chat program you can make a satisfied customer even more enthusiastic

Responding as well as possible to the needs and wishes of your customers is good for customer loyalty. Our contextual chat makes it easy to respond to invitations in real time and to present upsell messages at suitable times. Reducing the time and effort of customers to interact with the company is the number one reason for customer loyalty. The relevant customer value increases even more through relevant and exciting interactions between customers and your company. We can also chat slim to other customer contact moments. Does a customer have a question about an insurance policy in PDF? 1 click on the relevant part (for example about payment) in the document and the customer enters a chat experience so that his details are known and the subject as well. That is really contextual and customer-friendly!

We understand very well that it can be difficult to clearly see the benefits of modern chat technology in combination with customer contact. In addition, you have to deal with many parties: your prospects and customers, your sales or campaign team, your IT department … We think you can make all these parties satisfied. Because of convenience, speed, flexibility, but also insight into which questions are asked.


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