Are your hands free for other tasks? Let intelligent chat technology take over the laborious part of your customer interaction. Gotten curious about how it works? We would be more than happy to explain it to you in a non-binding innovation session.

The new generation of customers has high expectations of your company. You have to be available anytime, everywhere and still being able to offer a personal customer experience, otherwise they will simply switch. But how can you meet those standards without having to hire hundreds of people? With conversational intelligence. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based drag and drop design allows you to create, modify and optimize contextual chatbots. Then you add them where you need them, whether this is a social media channel such as Facebook or your own website. This approach makes you 24/7 available thanks to a system that feels anything but “robotic”.


Efficient deployment of employees

Guide your client towards the answer they are looking for by using conversational intelligence, meanwhile reducing the expenses. The technology will let the customers that need more personalised service through and give your employees the opportunity to offer adequate help.


High customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. You prevent customers from receiving the same request twice and can handle processes directly digitally.


High ease of Use

Make it easier for your employees by 1 design suitable for all channels. The intuitive, real-time UX design enables quick adjustments and the productivity of your employees shoots up.


Always reachable for customers

Take care of all the channels where your customers come into contact with your organization online for an excellent customer experience, even outside office hours. Contextual chat looks like an employee is always present for customers.

Customer Case:

A large bank helps intermediaries to automatically collect the right set of documents on the basis of some of the customer’s personal data (e.g. family composition) and thus comply with regulations and internal procedures. Intermediaries no longer need to call or email, but they are helped faster and can digitally complete their processes to the bank faster. In addition, the percentage of failures due to the use of contextual chat has been greatly reduced, reducing the bank’s costs.

About contextual Chat

“By using contextual links to a chatbot, you can provide the customer with a warm welcome and accompany them online with questions or process steps. A kind of online customer help so actually recognizes and understands those customers. This results in a quicker response to the customer question or the attainment of the final goal. “

Vincent van Wijngaarden, specialist Dialog Groep

Make the chatbot less blunt

The chat technology gives you the opportunity to create a great customer experience that will differentiate you from the competition while improving efficiency and productivity. Watch the video in which an auto insurance shutdown is completely handled by a chatbot. Mobile-First customer communication without a person’s intervention, fully automatic, with personal touch. Conversational intelligence at its best.

The impact of contextual chat on customer communications

The intelligent chatbot is powerful and flexible enough for IT to quickly integrate with existing systems and only need to be set once. The extensive links with interactive videos and intelligent forms allow a customer to be guided through the entire process without the intervention of an employee.

Once set, the bot can be deployed on any supported channel, including websites and social media channels (e.g. Facebook Messenger). The user-friendly templates give the marketing department the Freedom to quickly adjust text, image and the flow of the conversation with the customer.

This creates a system that works for both customers and employees in a personal and flexible way, while behind the scenes many automated processes are underway.

Contextual chat in the financial sector

How can you use that intelligent chatbot in your sector? Think in the financial sector, for example, to fully automate customer service. Flows can be arranged for explaining received accounts, transferring amounts or checking the balance sheet. The chatbot then suggests practical changes to increase the financial security of your customers. It also lets you personalize the flows with images and tone of voice.

Always available, 24/7

Curious to see how conversational intelligence in your sector looks like? As an example we look at an insurance company. The intelligent chatbot can send customers direct prices for home, car or for example boat insurance. Customers can easily submit a claim using questions or look back on old claims. Do they have questions about company policies or accounts? The chat system gives customers instant response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Wil je praktische handvatten om een helder beeld te krijgen van hoe die verbetering precies tot stand kan komen? Dan is een vrijblijvende innovatiesessie een echte aanrader. Uitgangspunt zijn jouw doelstellingen en business vraagstukken. Meld je nu aan en wij nemen snel contact met je op om deze sessie te plannen.


Then learn more on to experience how contextual chat can directly anticipate the customer’s questions. By deploying this new way of communicating personally, it is very easy to make customers and prospects happy 24/7.


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