Communicate securely and customer-friendly. Can it still be?

Customers are increasingly looking for their own way and choose the communication channel and time that suits them best. They expect a quick and understandable answer, focusing on their situation and context. This also results in changes and improvements that are realized in organizations. Now that many organizations are able to send online messages in a variety of ways, the complexity and need to communicate securely and customer-friendly has only increased.

In recent months I have noticed that in many conversations I am talking about the safety of customer communication. Of course partly caused by GDPR legislation and increasing cybercrime, such as phishing. But also by the digital transformation of companies. No director wants to see ‘ his ‘ organisation as the next bad news message in the media and regulators demand increasingly from organisations in this area. As a result, processes in the field of customer communication are critically reviewed and consideration is given to security and compliancy adjustments. This can be detrimental to the customer-friendliness of communication. However, good solutions are possible.

A few examples from the practice

Talking to a health insurer about the security of their social media channels, I understood that it is the intention to close the email channel for customers as a communication channel and only to send one-sided email (no-reply emails and push notifications) Use. They had a lot of ‘ burden ‘ of phishing and little confidence in email as a communication channel. In addition, they noticed a shift of questions that are asked by e-mail to social media channels.

Do not react possible and so years ‘ 90

Personally, I find it very annoying to receive e-mails from companies where I am a customer and which I cannot respond to. Because of this, I am forced to contact you via other communication channels if I have questions about that email. It takes me extra time and I usually chose email because I get answers that I can keep well. Even more annoying I find it as the email I send only after days, and in some cases even weeks, is answered. An automatic notification of receipt may be for internal burden of proof with the organisation I am contacting with, but I do not add anything. The text ‘ we strive to respond within 5 working days ‘ gives me a ‘ 90 feeling ‘. It is 2018, we are reachable anytime and anywhere. So within 1 working day is really the maximum I am concerned.

Personal Communication page

One of the most well-known banks in our country has asked us to think along the way they can send their transactional messages more securely and GDPR compliant. At the moment, this is largely via e-mail by automated triggers from systems used within the bank. These e-mails contain privacy-sensitive customer data and an alternative must be found. We have advised you to One central customer communication environment Create messages that refer to a personal communication page that can be presented in the portal or my environment. These pages are created from the same central environment and are provided by a personal link via a push notification in email, SMS, app or social media. In offline communication (Letters, direct mailings) you can refer to the same personal communication page via a QR code. If the infrastructure of the organization already permits, authentication can be carried out automatically, so no additional login steps are requested from the customer. Instead of long-term projects to build in web environments through customization, customer communications messages for all online and offline communication channels will soon be Created, managed and shipped one central environment . The ‘ unsafe ‘ e-mail message can then be replaced with a notification with a reference to a personalized message on a personal communication page. Because this personal communication page is offered online, conversations can take place digitally and even automated with the help of Chatbot. By using buttons for links to, for example, a call center agent or interactive, personalized videos, a simple message suddenly becomes a valuable, customer-friendly contact moment.

Guaranteed delivery of messages

During the Proof of Concept, security officers were especially enthusiastic because they were more confident about their own infrastructure and web environment than on e-mail servers. Required status reports on delivery are shown at a glance for all communication channels. And with the ability to use an escalation workflow, delivery to people can be guaranteed even better than registered letters or email. This bank can then indicate by message flow what should happen if a post is not delivered; Resend after, for example, 24 hours in case of a bounce or another communication channel choose. Sms For example if a phone number is available or eventually even a paper version via post.

Customer communication in 2020……..?

Just a few examples I’m running into. Many of my conversations ask for my vision of customer communication. Of course I have no glass sphere and predictive gifts, but I have access to many technology suppliers and test garden projects that I myself am involved in. Even further automation and digitisation is rapidly approaching. Many organizations have already started using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and are sending more digital self-service.

For 2020, Gartner predicted that 85 would expire from customer contact with organizations without employee engagement. Harvard Business Review believes that bringing back the efforts that customers have to do is the number 1 factor for customer loyalty. And research from Retail Touchpoint shows that 55 of consumers applauds the deployment of chatbots around customer service.

In conversations, I already show the possibilities of automated conversations with customers where, for example, from the pursuit of Digital self-service, the integration of contextual chatbot with video and Facebook Messenger processes are fully digitally handled. Think of an offer for an insurance or mortgage. Even the conclusion of the policy, mortgage or contract can be handled in this way completely digitally and automatically. Fast, digital, personal and secure.

In A next blog I will elaborate on this.

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