Stop emailing, Start working together productively. Gotten curious about how it works? We would be more than happy to explain it to you in a free innovation session.

Do you hear employees often complain about that crowded inbox and endless meetings? Are worker processes running because someone has not received a document, is unaware or can’t find information? That should be different!

Our interactive solution turns your intranet into a vibrant workplace. Where your employees are and regardless of the application they use; All data is always at your fingertips. Create a digital hub to connect people, knowledge, and processes across the entire breadth of the organization. Experience what already connects millions of people to (medium) large companies around the world. Infinitely scalable, innovative and the safest solution in the cloud.


Save up to 80

Standard integrations with Salesforce, Google, SharePoint and Ofice365. Out of the box intranet without programming means up to 80 lower intranet costs.


15 More productive

Collaborating Online means fewer meetings, faster sharing of information and finding knowledge, emailing less and just continuing to use your Office environment.


60 More Engagement

Keeping everyone up-to-date and engaged is simple thanks to simple personalized news items. Both desktop and mobile.


34 faster traceability in knowledge and expertise

Eliminate corporate memory loss and find knowledge, information and expertise to defeat your competitor faster.

Customer Case:

GoDaddy grew rapidly to more than 5,000 employees worldwide. They wanted to keep the feeling of close connectedness just like a smaller team. Their challenge: how we give 5,000 individuals, scattered around the world, the feeling that they are part of one organization and that they remain involved in a way that is fun, innovative and interesting.

Through their interactive intranet, the employees are able to be part of the GoDaddy culture, contribute to the success of the team, exchange ideas and implement the company’s vision. It provides direct involvement with the more than 5,000 employees. Their voices are heard and they benefit from their insights.

About Smart Collaboration

“Connection between employees and customers is at the top of our clients ‘ wish list. To optimally facilitate this, online communication and collaboration is indispensable.

With our interactive intranet from JIVE, you can make your company a digital work floor, creating more work fun and increasing productivity.

Philippe Van Nieuwenborgh, specialist Dialog Group

Standard and yet tailor-made

Work together within 4-6 weeks with hundreds or even (ten) thousands of colleagues, customers and partners, fitting your organisation’s design and culture? It can be through Jive’s powerful configuration capabilities and our comprehensive knowledge. Quickly reach ROI and choose a secure solution that has been helping many companies ahead of 20 years!

Working together becomes easier and more enjoyable

The secret of every successful business is a good interaction with and between employees. Of course, the bigger the company, the harder. But today, working together efficiently is also a challenge for smaller companies. Crazy yet, with all those handy productivity apps…

But this is precisely the problem. Employees spend more than 19 of their time searching for information. That is precious time that both the company and the employee prefer to spend somewhere else. With the interactive intranet of JIVE you make your company, however small, large or scattered around the world, a digital work floor. Where your people meet, inspire, make better and collaborate. This gives them more working pleasure and also improves productivity in your company. Sounds good right?

The interactive intranet breaks silos

Instead of hiding the knowledge in silos, e-mails and the employees themselves, all information is found in one digital working environment. The interactive intranet provides a central place to collaborate between organizations, systems, and devices.

Business knowledge is shared and stored in a way that everyone can find and use it. It connects employees internally and connects companies externally with customers and partners, where all persons, information and tools can be brought together to accomplish a task. Jive Thus also prevents the frustration of working in different unrelated apps. Google DOC documents? Office 365 presentations? Emails? Salesforce documents? Everything is brought together on the interactive intranet.

Easy integration and pairing

One of the reasons that our intranet is so special is the speed and simplicity with which the software can be integrated. Why the IT department is overburdening with tasks if it can otherwise? Our motto is not for nothing: ‘ Stop programming and start configuring! ‘ The software is usable for 25 or 25,000 employees and has a very user-friendly user interface that everyone can work with.

In addition, the integration is absolutely not a headache file: Within 2 days a test environment is ready in the cloud, within 2 weeks you can already live! And do you have an international company? No problem, each user can choose one of the 40 available languages. Choose a software that takes online collaboration to the next level.

Safety Above all

Of course, data sharing in a digital environment must be protected. The technology therefore complies with the strictest requirements for data protection, identity verification, service safety and legal protection. This allows you to quickly share a simple information via the browser or a mobile intranet app, without compromising on online data protection.


Do you want practical insights to get a clear picture on how to improve? Then a free innovation session is highly recommended. The starting point is your objectives and business issues. Sign up now and we will contact you soon to schedule this session.


Working together has never been easier and more efficient. The interactive intranet provides one place to connect employees, knowledge and business processes. Curious how this way of collaborating online can help your business increase employee engagement and improve productivity and revenue?


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