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ISAE 3000 Type1 certification

Thanks to intensive work by our security & compliance team, Dialog Groep has achieved ISAE3000 Type1 (SOC 2) certification. A full Dialog Groep Team has worked really hard on this!

We were assisted by CROP accountants & adviseurs. ISAE 3000 (in the US SOC 2), like ISO 27001, is about information security. However, ISAE 3000 is more extensive and intensive (‘movie’) than ISO 27001 (‘snapshot’).

For our enterprise customers, especially in finance, insurance, utilities and telco, this, together with the certifications of our software suppliers, is an extra guarantee. In the coming 6 months we will work intensively on monitoring the controls, after which we also plan to obtain type 2 certification in 2022.

For Dialog Groep, this is yet another step in the maturity and corporate readiness of our organization. The report is of course available for retrieval for interested customers.