Digital interaction does not have to be complicated or impersonal. We are happy to help you optimise the process from start to finish.

Digital and personal? That is certainly possible. Customers want and can do more themselves. Provided they get the resources. And that is a big challenge. Because how do you give customers the independence to fill in complex data online whilst maintaining that personal approach that keeps them loyal? How can you show that you recognize and appreciate your customers without having to spend a lot of time? These are issues that we at the Dialog groep can help answering.

Who are we?

Dialog Groep is both thought and execution leader, in the Benelux, in the field of innovation in communication. We do everything we can to let companies to communicate digitally with their customers in a personal way, without complicating or time consuming the process. We also show that in companies there is a lot of profit to be gained from employee interaction and efficiency. We have extensive experience with major communication and interaction platforms from banks, insurers and energy companies.

Our goal is to improve your business results. We do this by optimizing the internal communication between employees and the external communication to customers. Thanks to omnichannel solutions such as intelligent forms, interactive personalized videos and learning management systems, we optimise the communication process inside and out.

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What we represent

The customer and employee interaction plays an increasingly important role in maintaining customers and employees. Also for our own customers. That is why we carry out the same ideals in our company. How do we do this? Strong core values that form the foundation of our work:


We are just taking that extra step to provide your company with the latest developments. In addition, we quickly respond to the latest digital trends to simplify communication.


We work from the customer’s needs. We search for the core of the problem and can respond effectively to the needs of your business.


We take care of a team of specialists for a reliable basis and a well-thought-out plan of action. We combine our enthusiasm with discipline for the best result.


We believe that through long-term cooperation we can put the best results. With us, a customer is absolutely no number!

Our company DNA is the starting point for everything we do. It determines how we organise our company, which people we adopt and which partners we choose. It forms the basis of our work and contributes to that 1 + 1 = 3 Success formula for your company.

Lets get acquainted

At Dialog Group work specialists with a passion for their profession and a customer-oriented attitude. The best service for you, so you can give the best service to your customers. Do you want to get to know some of our employees? They are happy to introduce themselves to you.


Become enthusiastic about our organisation and would you like to find out what we can do for you? We invite you to a free innovation session.