A better customer approach thanks to video

In Our mobile era, it’s not enough to know who your customer is. It is also important to know this is so that you can offer a truly personalized experience. Where in the world, but also in a digital context. On which social media platform is the customer most active? And what is their preferred communication channel? Context determines the experience. Unfortunately, most digital transformations are now over. If you want to make the customer truly central, you need a transformation of customer approach. Video here is an excellent resource for this.

One video is the other not

At the moment, video content is very popular. Several blogs and vlogs with tips come over daily. Also, there are many different technologies available to make a video. It is often about making a ‘ regular ‘ linear video. Another step further is the interactive video. It allows you to add additional information, or follow a storyline with a few clicks. However, these types of videos have nothing to do with digital transformation and customer approach. They deliver a slightly better customer experience, but have not been transformed, at most, at most.

Video with Customer data

An interactive, personalized video offers much more. It is fully integrated with the business systems. This enables a complete digital process. Data entered into the video automatically appears in your (marketing) database. The same is true of course for statistics. An interactive, personalized video is partly video production and partly user experience. And precisely that is important. It’s like the web; Navigable and steering on a positive experience for the customer. Ideal for customer approach.

Interactive, personalized video for in-depth engagement

Another big difference with ‘ regular ‘ online video is that an interactive, personalized video gives you the opportunity to conduct a conversation. This succeeds because the receiver recognizes itself in what is offered, thanks to the personalization with its own, realtime, data. In addition, the viewer can make interactive choices in the video, which in fact makes the perception of the video automatically personalized. The video thus adapts itself to the receiver. Each interaction in the video enriches the data associated with the receiver. This results in a profound commitment and the possibility of self-service. Useful for, for example, an explanation of an account, an explanation of the terms of a contract or the conclusion of a policy. The latter can also be included in the video, because an interactive, personalized video is fully integrated with the company’s systems. And that yields beautiful figures again.

Positive ROI

The Return on Investment of interactive, personalized video is many times higher than a general online marketing video. For instance, a English insurer Nice results measured. After the video was committed, there was a growth in sales productivity (44), NPS Score (10) and 32 calls less to the call center after an account has been sent.
How does that come about? The recipients get really relevant content based on personal data, an example canbe found here. Research has shown that precisely this influences the perception greatly. Stronger than, for example, the quality and professionalism of the video. In addition, the organization gets a deeper understanding of who the recipient is. It will return data that helps the organization to make choices about how this particular recipient can be helped even better. With much better results when it comes to retention, conversion and customer experience, satisfaction and approach.

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